I love to do commissions!

It is wonderful when someone sees my work and they want to use my art as a means to capture something important to them. Often when someone asks me how much it costs to commission a piece of work, I always tell them that it depends upon the subject matter, the materials you want the painting made of, the size of the painting and in some cases, how quickly you need it completed (asking me on Dec. 20th to have something done for someone by Christmas is a pretty tight window). A large painting done in oil will cost more than a smaller painting done in acrylic.

Purchasing an original piece of artwork is an investment. That being said, I can also work within a budget that you give me. When you submit the form below you will be contacted with the information regarding the piece you have requested, suggestions if necessary for the piece (such as “You requested this piece in oil but for the price you want to pay for it will either mean it will have to be smaller, be in acrylic, or you will have to agree to this new price range”), the estimated date of completion, and the price for the piece including the cost of shipping. You will then send a confirmation, agreeing to what was outlined in the e-mail. Production of your commission request will not begin until payment is received. During the production of the piece you will be sent a picture of the work while it is under progress. Remember the piece is not complete and will look different when it is done! By sending a work in progress image of the painting you request it allows you as a buyer to see that your commissioned work has been started. You are allowed to request last-minute changes of the piece after seeing the picture of it. If the change is small, it will come at no charge. If the change is larger (like wanting to add an entire horse to the background) then there will be an additional charge depending upon the request. Requesting a change to the piece can also alter the expected date of its completion.