A Dream of Fireflires

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Media: Acrylic and mixed media
Size: 24 x 30″ in floating black frame
Painted: 2013

This piece is unique because I used differently sized circular daubers to create the painting instead of paintbrushes- it is all made of dots.

Seeing fireflies gather this way is amazing. Like most children I was fascinated with catching fireflies, letting them light up my hands and then letting them go. It’s impossible to resist catching fireflies as a kid! I grew up in an area that was heavily wooded so I was lucky to see them growing up as a child.

I was not sure how this piece would be received because of its style, it can appear simple upon first glance. Viewers tend to be unaware that it is all dots or that there is a glaze of Japanese silver I used to help light up the sky. I enjoy the way this piece gently drifts.

This piece has been sold and is no longer available for purchase. Prints of this piece are available! Please continue to look through the gallery for other interesting interesting pieces or e-mail me at Emily@createdbyemily.com to inquire about a commission.