I have recently gotten into the art of bookmaking, which I am enjoying very much. I don’t intend to become a book maker by trade, but it is something that combines art and creation with another passion I have– writing. I plan to eventually print up my stories and bind them in their very own books!

In the mean time… I will need practice!

As practice I have been making books for people. They have some of the small flaws that come with someone who is new at somthing, but overall they have been a success. To add some interest to the pages, I have done illustrations with some of my favorite quotes in them.

I have also been working on not just the inside, but the overall look and feel of my books. Below are some images of a book I made for a friend and then a gallery of images and quotes I made for the other books.

The pages I aged by cooking each one in coffee and also having them patina in an old, rusted baking sheet that I have. I also used pieces of metals to create patterns in the page.




Below are some images I have of the illustrations I have been putting in books. Some of these are features on my facebook page, but below is a more comprehensive listing of what I have done so far. If you click on the image it will pop up for a full viewing. Enjoy!