I was presented with the unique opportunity of attending the Lenore City Festival in Tennessee. This festival was larger than the Marietta Square Artists Market with artists setting their booths up on the ground instead of on the pavement. I was lucky again with the weather! People attending said that it was the best weather the festival had seen in ten years (well, maybe they were exaggerating but it still made me feel like I picked a lucky weekend!) Saturday was beautiful and it didn’t get uncomfortably hot.

My booth at the Lenore City Art Festival

My booth set up here was different because of how foot traffic was at the festival. Though it is hard to tell from the photograph, traffic hit my booth at a diagonal so I tried my best to open up both ends for viewing. The grounds that this festival was on was gorgeous! There was a waterfront right by with boats and shaded walkways to enjoy. This is definitely a festival I hope to visit again (and hopefully bring the good weather with me when I do).