I had the thought the other day to make some videos of me doing some artwork and later some informative videos on painting techniques, material preferences, etc.

Often when I am painting or working on a piece of art people have enjoyed watching me do it. With that in mind I thought it would be fun to just do some doodles and some quick illustrations for fun, setting them to music. I might do some instructional videos or some simple time lapse videos of me working with more traditional medium.

It is sort of strange, but fun, to watch the videos of the drawing and how it changes. The longer one that I have done is interesting because I was working with the face of the subject matter quite a lot and wanting it to sort of match the style and tone of the piece. . Hope you enjoy seeing them!


Here are the three videos I have Made so far! You can see me on my YOUTUBE Channel “Created by Emily.” They are all quick 30 min sketches so far but I plan to have some informative videos up.

Lonely Country Road

A Shoulder Glance

Happy Valentines Day (Unsteady)