The Marietta Square Artists Market will be up and running on Saturday from 9 am to 2 pm. As mentioned on a previous post the festival runs every other Saturday in the Marietta Square up until Nov. 3rd. I intend to be there for almost all of the Saturdays, excluding the times that I will be working other art festivals.

With this time around I made some changes to my booth which I think will make a bigger difference to me than the visitors! My displays are a bit easier to load and set up and I’ve gotten into the rhythm of this festival so setting up is pretty quick and painless. The weather report is showing another bright and beautiful day so I’m excited that we’re not having to plan for a rainy day.

I’ve started working on the production of another sort of tree art. I had one piece which is the 12 in diameter one, hollow in the center with a tree painted on the inside (image on the left). It could be that it attracted attention because it was so different from my other pieces but I am going to attempt to play with that idea a bit more. I hope this Saturday to feature a piece that I have burned a hole through the center of and see how the feel of the piece comes out.