Most people are aware of a genre called “fan art.” If you aren’t aware, it is where you create your own images, artwork, items, based upon a book, tv show, movie, etc that you are a fan of. For example, in Harry Potter Hermone has a necklace she wears that turns back time. You can make that necklace yourself and that would be a little bit of fan art.

I enjoy fan art because I like seeing adults get enthusiastic. The older I get the more easy it is to take myself too seriously and to forget to be kinda silly and just enjoy some stories, books and movies, even if they do have plot holes you could fit a Rhino in.

This sparked a different thought– why don’t I make fan art about my own stuff/ideas?

Some people think of me as an artist who writes. Others think of me as a writer who paints. Either way, I have had passion for both art and writing because they both are connected to the core of my love for stories. Mythology, fairy tales, history… it all is of interest to me. With both writing and art I hope to bring my viewer into a world I have created and I am honored anytime I’ve made something that had been a joy for someone else to have.

When I am not painting, I am writing. The trilogy I am working on is an adventure where there is time-travel (sort of), collected items and a heavy emphasis on the impact of memories. That’s a vague description, I know, but I am just getting to the point that I made a bracelet of very specific items as part of a fan art for my own book. I am using the bracelet as a tool to keep me motivated to keep writing, not get discouraged, and finish the book! A pretty neat reminder if you ask me! So if you were wondering why some of the items are a little odd and what their connection is… well, you wouldn’t know that unless you read the book.