November 8th and 22nd
Marietta Square Artist Market. This is a small artist market at the heart of downtown Marietta, but it is one of my favorite little festivals to be at. The ladies that run it are nice and it is next to a farmer’s market so I like to sneak over there and do some of my own food shopping.

The last Marietta festival of the year was SO COLD! I was also close to the railroad tracks which wouldn’t be so bad except that the square seems like some sort of train hub, we usually have 5-8 pass us by in the 9am-2pm time frame we are there. The kids absolutely love it. ALSO! I learned that Marietta is actually a sister-city to a place in Germany, which is pretty cool because I have a friend who moved to Berlin.

You can’t tell it from the pictures but I was periodically stepping away to thaw myself in the sun. Of course, my partner in crime Stephen was with me for the whole thing. Gotta love that guy.