The Roswell Art Festival was great even though it rained pretty heavily on Saturday. The next day was somehow not muddy or humid so Sunday was absolutely beautiful and comfortable.

Sometimes during festivals I will do a little artwork. Kids seem to get a kick out of it (and even offer to help) and patrons seem entertained as well. I already had the discs for these tree pieces prepped, so I spent Saturday painting the┬átree portion on them. The one with the newspaper was a new idea I had and is the first tree of that “type” that I have done. I’ve been working on some new staging and backgrounds for these pieces to see where I can take them next.

The newspaper one is different from the others ones I have done and I was a little worried about how it would come out. I thought that the black text with the black background would make it difficult to see the tree well… but it came out great! I can’t wait to have these pieces fashioned into completed works.

The Roswell Festival, rain or shine, has always been a great one for me. I was able to meet some really great people, see some friends who came to give their support and to see people who had already purchased my work and were still happy with it.