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At the Roswell Arts Festival 2012

This year I showed my work at the Roswell Arts Festival, which was a great experience. We could not have asked for better weather and I made some great sales. The only downside was that my booth was under a FEMALE ginko tree, which meant it had fruits that smells like… dog poo! Whenever people walked by my booth I could see them checking their shoes for any little mistakes! I had no idea that there were male and female ginko trees but I feel like I will never forget it now.

My favorite thing to do at festivals is to eat the food! I enjoy all the bad-for-you-ness that festival food has to offer.
Also at the festival was a large canvas that the artists and patrons were invited to paint on. Since I was primarily showing my trees I painted a little tree on the canvas with blue sky (you can see it on the left hand). I had a great time and definitely plan on doing this festival again. This festival was September 15-16th, 2012, in Roswell.

Group canvas painting 2012