Time and the Old Smoke

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Media: acrylic
Size:  30×40″ on gallery-wrapped canvas
Painted: 2015


This is a painting I did of the London Tower (often called “Big Ben” though that name actually only refers to the great bell which rings in the tower). I have never been to London, but I have plans for it this Summer so I am excited. There are so many stories and ideas that come from England that are captivating to me. I find myself inspired from thoughts of Peter Pan, Chronciles of Narnia, Shurlock and then Jack the Ripper. Compared to America, it is such a small country that its had to cram so many stories into a limited space.

The title for this painting comes from one of the names that London has been caused (the Smoke due to the fog). The tower is time and thus… this piece is Time and the Old Smoke.


 This piece is sold and is no longer available for purchase. Prints and Giclees of this piece are available for purchase (prices vary upon requested size). If interested in commissioning a piece like it, please contact via email. Thank you!