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The Wicked Witch

Wicked Witch

Media: pen and ink, some acyrlic
Size: 20×20″
Painted: 2005

I began creating characters from the stories that I loved. Sometimes I believe that if other people saw characters the same way I did that they would love them just as passionately as I do. This is one of my favorite pieces. When I completed this work I remembered thinking that while it was something that I loved, I didn’t imagine that the audience or anyone else would really appreciate the piece. I couldn’t be more wrong. While the original piece is something that is kept with my family, I am constantly surprised at how my glicee prints have captured the attention of my audience. At festivals I see parents point it out to their children who always smile brightly. I can always tell when someone has noticed this piece because of their smile. The original piece is framed in branches which was a beautiful way to stage the piece but was horrible to try to do for the back and forth traveling that a festival entails. I enjoy this piece in a gold, ornate frame because it makes me think of the gilded pages of a fairy tale book. The image below was cropped to fit a 11×14 standard size. The original image is a square 20×20′ piece.

Wicked Witch in Gold Frame